Issue calibrating MPU-6050

Hi there. I used open source software to try calibrating my MPU-6050 and unfortunately failed. The acceleration and gyroscope values just would not converge. I then tried to calibrate the sensor manually by adjusting the offset with a potentiometer (turn clockwise to increase offset). The problem I came across is that the offset does not really change any value in a linear fashion. Also when I came close, say a x_accel value of -800, a slight increase in offset would increase the x_accel value straight to +800. This happened with all directions. My connections should be right, since the accelerometer reacts to movements just fine. When I let it rest on the table, all values are stable. I basically used the code and methods in this URL:

Why can I not get my rest values to be zero?

Touch here for the full post on the Arduino Apprentices tumblr

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