Does Arduino Fio work with RFIC-RC522 board?

I'm trying to write to some NTAG 215 tags I bought. I figured the old Arduino board I have from college would work, so I bought an RFID-RC522 board off Amazon (this one), and some tags, and hooked it up with a breadboard and some wires. I didn't realize at first though that the board isn't an Arduino Uno, like all the guides seem to recommend, and is instead an Arduino Fio. I got XBee to work again, and I'm able to upload Blink from the Arduino examples, but when I try to follow this guide , the serial out is giving me


I have

reset hooked up to D5

SPI SS/SDA hooked up to D6

SPI MOSI hooked up to D7

MISO hooked up to D8

SCK hooked up to D9

VCC hooked up to 3.3V

GND hooked up to GND

Am I missing something? Is Uno compatible with the RC522 board, but Fio isn't? Should I just give up on the Fio board for now and order an Uno starter kit from Amazon like this one ? I really appreciate any help you guys can give me.

Touch here for the full post on the Arduino Apprentices tumblr

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