How many rotary encoders can I fit on arduino micro pro

I am new to arduino and diy electronics I want to build controller for my computer that uses 8 rotary encoders. I found out that the arduino micro pro might be perfect. Now here’s my issue, can I add 8 rotary encoders ? I wrote down a small chart below mapping the rotary encoder pins to the arduino micro pro.

A rotary encoder has 5 pins .

All rotary encoders will have a common +5v and a common ground

I don’t need the switch (SW) pin

So that leaves me with 2 pins DT and CLK per each rotary encoder.

Would I be able to connect 8 rotary encoders ? If so can I map them out this way? If not can you let me know why? Thanks!

Rotary encoder #1 DT -> pin 2, CLK -> pin-> 3 Rotary encoder #2 DT -> pin 4, CLK -> pin-> 5 Rotary encoder #3 DT -> pin 6 , CLK -> pin-> 7 Rotary encoder #4 DT -> pin 8, CLK -> pin-> 9 Rotary encoder #5 DT -> pin 10, CLK -> pin->16 Rotary encoder #6 DT -> pin 14, CLK -> pin-> 15 Rotary encoder #7 DT -> pin a0, CLK -> pin-> a1 Rotary encoder #8 DT -> pin a2, CLK -> pin->a3

If I am not describing my issue correctly let me know what info you need. Thanks!

Touch here for the full post on the Arduino Apprentices tumblr

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