Need help working with a power supply for a project.

I needed a 12VDC power supply with well over 10 amps… So I picked up a Dell server power supply. These seem to be pretty commonly found on eBay for pretty cheap and used to power all kinds of things.

I need the pinouts for it so I can turn it on and control the fan speeds.

This guy seems to have found one, but left out where he got it from and it's a different model. He also could have just used external jumpers and seems all the connectors in the back need to be grouped to get full amps, but the idea is the same. I want to control mine thru the Arduino.

Here's the one I have, it has two sets of pins and two fans. In the video, he just grounds 3 pins and it works, someone pointed out that he could have had higher voltage by picking other pins. So I'm looking to turn mine on and to control the fans.

This was bought used with no docs.

Touch here for the full post on the Arduino Apprentices tumblr

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