Not sure how to attach things to a tiny motor (x27.168)

I have a couple of these tiny gague stepper motors, which I am trying to use to modify a speedometer to hook up to a simulator.

Unfortunately the spindle is so small (about 1mm) that I'm having trouble attaching the existing speedometer needle. I can't 3D-print a hole that diameter as it just closes over.

I have printed a holder with a groove on the top for the needle but I don't have 1mm drill bits (yet, waiting on Amazon…). I'm not sure if this will even work though, as I don't have much depth to play with (holder is only about 7mm tall and the spindle hole would be 5mm deep) – I only have a cordless hand drill so controlling drill depth is quite difficult at such small distances.

I'm just looking for ideas, hopefully someone has had to do something similar before!

Touch here for the full post on the Arduino Apprentices tumblr

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