Help plz 5V 1W 350ma LED — Transitoror not confused!

Hello and thanks in advance for the help!

so I'm new to Arduino "world" and would like to implement my small projects.

Currently I just want this LED

5V 1W 350ma

Control. (if necessary 3-4 pieces at the same time)

I am totally confused because the led is specified with 5V and I understand a transistor that I need it when I need higher volts.

But I also realize that the Aredio on a PWN port only delivers 40ma and the LED has 350ma specified.

And here is my ignorance and obviously the inability to google around away. But also the 1W I do not really understand as an indication (I know you at lamps that says how bright this is similar to lumens).

Please clarify me also or links with sources where I can inform me (gladly also in German 🙂

Touch here for the full post on the Arduino Apprentices tumblr

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