How to convert project from Arduino Uno to Arduino Pro Micro?

Hi all,

I am currently working on a personal project with the goal to create a MIDI expression controller for my music production. I have the code working on my prototype and am currently designing the PCB layout using EasyEDA.

Current list of Components: Arduino Uno, 3x 75mm potentiometer faders, 1x 0.96\" OLED display, 1x Rotary Encoder

I now realized that it would be cleaner to mount the Arduino directly to the PCB, which isn't possible with the UNO, so I want to, instead, use a tiny Arduino Pro Micro (which my father gave me) that I can mount directly to the PCB. That cleans up the design and doesn't require a bunch of ribbon cables that connect the components to the Arduino.

With that, all said, I was not able to get my code to work on the Pro Micro. The Pro Micro is not available in the default board selection list, so I tried downloading some additional board libraries, but they didn't work either.

(by the way, I think the Pro Micro that my dad gave me is a Chinese knock-off – just in case that has an impact on what is required to make it work)

Can anyone help me out here?

– CB

Touch here for the full post on the Arduino Apprentices tumblr

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