Water level sensor suggestions

I did a writeup a few months ago regarding my hydroponic project. Overall, it's been pretty great.

I am having problems with my water level sensor and I want to see if any r/arduino readers have any suggestions. Currently I am using the eTape sensor — it's not that great. My nutrient solution is causing salts to build up on the sensor, leading to incorrect readings and requiring the sensor to be cleaned.

For v2, I am thinking about maybe using a ball float connected to some sort of stretch sensor, but I am wondering if you all know about a product already out there that doesn't require as much creative effort on my part.

The sensor has to be waterproof and needs to measure volume, so ultrasonic sensors or simple float switches aren't really an option.

Help me build something awesome reddit!

Touch here for the full post on the Arduino Apprentices tumblr

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